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Friday, 13 September 2013

Two Days Tour Guide Training

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I just attended a tour guide training that was held by the tourism and creative economy department of Tanjungpinang Government. Two days training actually was not good enough to learn how to be a tour guide, whereas there was no simulation in that training beside the theories. 

The training instructure was very good at their skill in tourism. First man was Mr Riki, a man of tourism ministry for human source. He came from Jakarta and included as one of the accessor in Indonesia (he was the sixth). Actually I didnt really know what it meaned as this was a new stuff for me. He told us more about the tour guide sertification, how to get it and how hard it was. I noticed that he tried to motivate us but all his done were going down the mentality of the audiences that made us felt so bad ( or it was only me who felt it). So far, he gave us knowledge that being tour guide was not easy but it would be great when we did it for fun. 

The second man was the leader of the committee, Mr Saffrudin, who explained about Tanjungpinang City, started from its history until the conditon of its tourism. Though this was well-known district in the past, but nowadays Tanjungpinang became an unpopular city, especially in Indonesia. It was quite strange as Tanjungpinang was the capital city of Kepri, but in Indonesia they known Batam more. That's why, we as a tour guide in the future have to introduce this to Indonesia and the world. 

Before Zuhur, there was Mrs Kadek Sutriani, the chairman of ASITA Kepri from Batam. Asita was the association of travel agent that spread out all over Indonesia. It was the composite of some travel agent companies in Kepri that head to drummed up the tourism and economy. She explained us much about itenary, a rundown that was planned by travel agent to bring the tourists in its district. It could be two days one night and more. I learned this when I was in the 5th semester, quite interesting. 

to be continued


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