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Setiap kali aku malas baca Al Quran dan buku - buku, aku selalu ingat bahwa anak - anakku kelak berhak dilahirkan dari rahim seorang perempuan cerdas lagi sholehah


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Friday, 13 September 2013

Fiction Character

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I just changed my facebook profile photo then exactly my friends gave comments :D
Ryuzaki alias L (Death Note)

One thing they noticed that I was like a child who liked fiction more than anything else. Hahaha I only laughed reading their comments, it was alright as it means they had attention on my changed.

Talking about fiction character, I do like them so much. It doesnt matter when people say that I am too childish or strange or anything else. Watching or reading makes me excited.

Fiction character is not only about imagination something unreal, but it also talking about how we take a good side of the story or character.

I love Harry Potter as it gives me entertain, beside there are also wisdom. I learn some acts of it and sometimes I use it in life.

Ryuzaki, the main character in Death Note, I think he’s so unique. The way he talk, think, walk, eat, and look at someone else.

I have so many main fiction character such as Himura Kenshin the Batosai, Dectective Conan and so on. They are all so good


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