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Setiap kali aku malas baca Al Quran dan buku - buku, aku selalu ingat bahwa anak - anakku kelak berhak dilahirkan dari rahim seorang perempuan cerdas lagi sholehah


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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Last Project

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Facing the last project for my graduation honestly makes me confused. I am afraid of something that has not happenned at all only for I have not started it. "Dont cross the bridge before you get to the river". I heard this firstly when I was studying at an english course years ago. It means that we should do that thing so that we know how it feels, the challenges and etc.

I recognized that I was having difficulty in typing first word for the last project whereas I only need to write a word in a paper. I am quite sure after that I will continue it without any burden even right now I have no idea for the problem of mine.


While my friends, well they who were in the different subject, had done their proposal before we had KKN three months ago. They who are in the same subject are also like me, no idea for the project. No spirit to get it finish soon so we could have our graduation earlier. Hahahaha honestly I'm so surprised that I've been at this period, well what I mean that time pass so fast that no one realizes that it is the last year of me to finish the high education.

Although it takes longer than the other friends of mine, I understand for the place where I study now is a little bit different and longer than others. Others can finish in four years or less than that, but not for me. We have our own rule that until now nobody has courage to change it.

I have some problems. I seldom practice English lately either writing or speaking even reading, only listening. Well actually I watched some dramas using english subtitle. I wish it could help me in writing, not an usual writing like this but a scientific writing. What the hell!! In english department ( I dont really know, should we be grateful or feel sorry ) the last project must be written in english. It means that we have double job for the final project, doing research and make it into english.

You know, it needs much time for me to write this simple. Please imagine that I must make a research report in english by a science language -,-


As long as I have spirit and courage to finish it I am absolutely certain that my friends and I will have our graduation ceremmony together in the early 2013



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