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Read Aloud

Read aloud is one of the title in Reading IV. iIn Indonesia we call itas Membaca Nyaring. So it is claer that the definition of read aloud is read a text or passage or story or article loudly so that everyone or the listeners can hear what you are reading and understand it.

Read aloud gives you a lot of benefits such as improving your reading comprehension and increase your vocabulary. By reading aloud in front of the class the listeners, in this case it can be your students or another listeners. Whereas for children read aloud helps them to understand the story that we should read for them as they can not read it by themselves.

Actually read aloud is not only about the listeners but also the reader it self. Read aloud can be effective while the reader can read it well and also able to make the listeners interested on the story. So to be a good reader aloud, there some steps that you may implement it while reading :
1. Before reading, try to compehend the passage or the story itself as this helps you to send the message of what you read.
2. It has a similarity with the one who reads a poem, reader aloud also need an exact intonation, good pronunciation, expression, and loud sound.
3. Sometimes the reader needs to catch the eyes of the listeners, but it depends on what kind of reading.

Well, from the short explanation about read aloud, we could conclude that read aloud has many advantages and it should be practiced for everybody espcially for mother who wants her children being a good reader in the future, this isthe first step she should take. Read aloud a tale before sleeping. Nice to try....

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