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Setiap kali aku malas baca Al Quran dan buku - buku, aku selalu ingat bahwa anak - anakku kelak berhak dilahirkan dari rahim seorang perempuan cerdas lagi sholehah


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Orientation Period

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Some people asked me about the things they had to bring for the orientation time in university. What a very important thing for them. Nevermind, I had been on their position long ago. Become uneasy when we had not find one or two things. Sometimes it just a simple thing like noodle or eggs and so on.

This is what I wanna say to the new students this year. Don’t be afraid! Tomorrow, when you don’t bring what your seniors ask, they will not give you death punishment. They only ask you to run around the field or stand up in front of the others. Don’t be afraid. Take the positive.

Running will sweat you, that makes you healthy. Stand up in front of other students just make you more popular than the others. Isn’t it fun??? Being popular is so lucky!!

So, what are you afraid of?? *fear the God


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