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Setiap kali aku malas baca Al Quran dan buku - buku, aku selalu ingat bahwa anak - anakku kelak berhak dilahirkan dari rahim seorang perempuan cerdas lagi sholehah


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Monday, 12 September 2011

Friday, 19th August 2011

So this is the most waited journey I’ve been dreaming for days.

Today we started our trip to go back to village. My parents had planned to drive by accrossing the sea using Roro, a big ship that can bring cars and another vehicles in it. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled for some reasons such no ship crews, and some birocracy problems. What a terrible!!

We decided to go by ship from Tanjungpinang to Buton port in Riau. It took about 12 hours. We started from Tanjungpinang to Karimun for three hours, then move to another ship of Dumai Express that took us to Buton port for about 4 hours. After that, we went to Pekanbaru by car which was about 4 hours again on the road. 

So the question is, what did I do along the journey???

This is the answer : M-----O-----L-----O-----R

I was so sleepy on the trip from one place to another today. I even had no chance to take a picture with my sister and brother on the ship when we were passing the Barelang Bridge and some small islands although for some people this was a stupid thing to do, but not for me. Well, at least I could sit next the window so it made me sleep well hehehe……

I knew that the moslem might not fast if they were on a far trip, but my family and I tried to fast until we arrived to our destination.  I saw almost passengers on that ship were not fasting at all and they ate everything!! 

There were many seller who sold food to passengers when we transit in Karimun and before our departuring from Tanjungpinang. On the way, the ship crews offered Pop Mie to everyone and many passengers orders for it. Ou man!!! The smell was nice and I felt that my stomach asked me to take it too. I was fixated!!!! At first I couldn’t stand it and tempt to break my fasting hahahha…… immediately I cancelled it and kept fasting though the smell was very good. 

The man who sit next to me was eating out his food hungrily wowww….. The couple of husband and wife beside him were also eating pop mie hmmmmm it smelled very gooooood……

I tried to watch what they played on tv unlucky for me not to use my glasses as I lost it in last October, the exact day when I got my first scholarship from the government  hhhh what a terrible day after that without glasses. It was hard for me to read in the class so I needed to borrow my friends’ note or I wrote what the lecturer said in my notebook. Of course not every word. Therefore, I couldn’t see the subtitle of the film. Then, I read book of Soe Hok Gie which told me his short life, but I only read a few pages then I was quit. 

In Buton port, I was shocked that the weather was so hot. Very hot!!! It burned my skin!! Huft… we had to walk about ten minutes toward the gate of the port. It was so uncomfortable for me because the weather, my suitcase and its floor ( can I say it ‘floor’ ). It made me difficult to pull my suitcase. Outside the port, we needed to wait for a moment to get in the car, wowww where was the driver. He was so long to open the car so we might take a rest in it. 

While waiting the car was full of another passenger, my family and I heard that a woman grumbled and complain to the driver and his friend only for a small thing reason. She thought that the driver’s friend cheated her about the cost. Hey…. It was only Rp. 10.000….. please be ‘dermawan’!!! they were argued for times, hhh it was not so good to hear….

I spent my time in the car from Buton to Pekanbaru by watching a movie from my notebook that I had prepared before ( well, I prepared many movies to watch along this long long holiday ). This time I watched a film of Angelina Jolie the woman who has a sexy lips ever (at least that was what magazines said about her). It was Salt.

In fact, this was a usual  film that I was used to watch. A movie about some agents that incognito to finish their mission, FBI and CIA and the Russian agents too. Usual but unpredictable. I recommend this movie to be watched….

Along the road to Pekanbaru, we saw huge pipe at the roadside, we were told that it was for oil. It was so big that I imagine, I can not hug it. You know, Pekanbaru was known as one of the biggest producer of oil in Indonesia. There was a big company named Caltex which is stand for California Texas, many people worked here and became a success one. 

I was thinking that the pipe might danger someone’s life if it exploded some time because there were many houses of the citizen that was passed through it. It could be Lapindo cases for years ago that haven’t finished until these days. Would it be exploded I didn’t know, but there was always posssibilty for it. 

We arrived to my step-grandmother’s house at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, almost breaking fasting time, but I was wrong. It was still longer. So we just talked to each other (actually my parents did it), about the trip, the life, and so on. 

Huft…. Thanks Allah for saving us to Pekanbaru

We called our step-grandmother ONE, (read ‘one’ not ‘wan’) that means sister in Minangese, I don’t know exactly why we do it, it was only the people around us called her like that, as a children we only follow the adults.  She was healthy although her eyes were not able to see well. She also couldn’t walk so she had to use wheel chair. Everyday, she sits in the living room and do praying by saying God’s name. her husband had passed away years ago when I was in elementary school. 

Other family members who were at home when were there, kak Ima and her mother we called Ibuk, Ibuk’s brother, bang Doni and Rara his daughter.


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