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Setiap kali aku malas baca Al Quran dan buku - buku, aku selalu ingat bahwa anak - anakku kelak berhak dilahirkan dari rahim seorang perempuan cerdas lagi sholehah


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Monday, 12 September 2011

Saturday, 20th August 2011

My father took us to some family’s houses in Pekanbaru by borrowing Bang Doni’s car in the afternoon. Firstly we went to Aunt Rida’house, my father’s cousin on Jalan Paus then we continued to Jl. Murai where Aunt Yen, a friend of my mother. She was very kind and from what my mother told me, I knew that they were best friend before. Talking about boys, went travelling and other activities they did together. Then, we went to Ibu Tampan’s house. Her name was quite strange as Tampan means handsome in English hehhee……

At night, my sister and I spent our time by playing around with Rara, a nephew of us. Everybody in that house says that she is a naughty daughter, but otherwise, she is a smart girl. She only needs attention from her busy parents so she can change the way she talks when she is angry with other people.


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