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I'm Still Here

Yes, I'm still here. To be honest, since graduate from high school in 2008, I never feel that I leave this school. While most of my friends were studying to another cities in Indonesia and also abroad, I stayed in Tanjungpinang. It was not only me, there were few friends who did it too. 

Why I said that I never left this school. Well, let me tell you my story while I'm practicing my English. It has been a long time I dont write in English xixixi 

I came back to SMAN 1 Tanjungpinang in October 2009 when Kak Lala asked me to be mentor instead of her. She said that there were about 15 students who joined Ramsa (Remaja Mushalla) or well-known as Rohis (Rohani Islam) need mentoring as a routine activity of their programmes. 

That day, I went to school for the first time after graduating in 2008. I saw many changes of that school. In front of the mushalla were usually a place for basketball team or some chinese students playing basketball after school or during the rest time. Now it has become a place where a number of motorcycles and cars are parked. Woww, I say to myself that there are showroom in our school. 

It was so different when I was there a few years ago where there were just few students who allowed to ride motorcycle to school. I knew that most of the students were rich, sometimes some of them drove a car in extra class. But, it was just few of them. Right now, it seems that each student rides to school. Hahaha...

Since 2009 I have become mentor for Ramsa mentoring programme. This programme is supported by the headmaster and become one of the most important programme in Ramsa. Day by day, year by year I always come every Friday to school and I see every alteration (perubahan). The school yard, the trees, the under-chair-trees, the two floors building and the canteen, also the teachers. 

Perhaps, when my friends come to school these days, they will be shock for the alteration. But it seems like something usual for me as I saw it almost every week. That's why I really really feel that I never leave this school since graduating in 2008. 

You see, I'm still here

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