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An Embarassing Presentation

This  is a picture in Syntax class a few times ago. It was an embarrassing presentation all my life (certainly I had one, when I had to talk in front of the great committee in a social competition a few years ago ).

Let me introducethe member of the group. The girl used white scarf was Asnani and the brown one was Juminisari. Certainly, I was the girl in the middle. They were good partners for me, helping each other.

Well, that day, our group had to explain to the class what was syntax and the system on that subject.

I recognized that I didn’t do my best in finishing the paper, whereas we had no more preparation fot it. I tried to find the articles on internet, read it and I found that it was too difficult to understand.

I knew I was wrong for not asking the lecturer about it, then it was a very big mistake in my academic life. A day before presentation, I was not too serious on the subject and not reading it carefully. Actually, I had difficulty in understanding the words.

And it’s time to sit in front of the class. I was not too nervous to speak, but on what I had to talk about. No idea at all. So I explained something that I, myself, understand nothing of it. I talked nonsense. What a bad performance!

When my classmates gave us some questions, I and the other two said nothing. Finally, I asked the lecturer to explain it again and we apologized for the bad performance.

Now, I can imagine the result of my syntax subject. I will not get A….!!

Ou em jiii, it’s digusting! I’m angry to my self.

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